Started in 2019 by father-son team
Scott Walters and Max Walters, our journey began in Creemore, Ontario where we woke up every morning at 5am to drive up to the lab and make hash together with a few friends. Our first offerings were some of the first solventless hash products on the market which were made entirely by hand and earned us one of the top spots for concentrate sales in the country.

Today, BIG proudly serves Canadians across the country in seven provinces with flavour-focused products that still pack a punch. We never compromise on quality and pride ourselves on exceptional service for our customers. We are still a very small team with no corporate investment or interests and have
never released a product we haven't already smoked extensively ourselves.
We now have offerings in all major categories (Flower, Concentrates, Pre-Rolls) but have never strayed from our roots of proudly making products with our family and
friends for you to enjoy with yours

We won't sell anything we wouldn't be proud to bring to a sesh.

Meet the team


Scott has been in the cannabis industry since 2016, bringing relief to tens of thousands of Canadians in need of medicinal cannabis through founding Canabo Clinics, and moving on to develop testing solutions through Molecular Science Corp as well as contributing to the development of 7Acres/Supreme before it was sold.


John helped fight for legalization in court and now has worked on various LPs growing them with a quality-first attitude. He was crucial to 7Acres/Supreme as CEO and now has been a valuable member of BIG and Muskoka Grown.

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Marketing & Sales



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